Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toddler Thanks to You

Thanks to the person who realized greek yogurt is better eaten from a tube rather than a small cup and a tiny spoon.

Organic...thanks to you. Thanks for realizing it's the only way for a chicken nugget eating toddler's mother to feel somewhat ok.

Peanuts, almonds and cashews. Thanks to you.

Take and toss. Thanks for never making me feel guilty for the 25+ lost plastic sippy cups.

Pacifiers. Just, thanks.

Strollers. Dear lord...how would we survive without you?

Good daycare/school teachers. My heart, my head, my entire being...THANK YOU for loving and teaching my child when I simply can't be present. THANK YOU.

Once Upon a Child. Thanks. As tempting as a $24 onesie may be, thanks for providing me with an entire wardrobe for $24.

Vegetable/fruit pouches. Although I have a secret theory you are rotting out hundreds of thousands of teeth, thanks to you.

Cheerios. An oldie but a goodie, thanks.

Books. An obvious thanks.

Music. Do I need to say it?

Family. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This is It

This is exactly where I pictured you growing up surrounded by church bells on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, running to your friends house and narrowly making it home in time for dinner.

Everything you need is in a 5 block radius with a park and playground close by. Your backyard is huge and ready for dirt, fire pits and camping.

This is where I wanted to raise you. This is where I wanted to take long walks with you because we all know fresh air makes us open up like Spring's first blooms. This is where I pictured us walking together to get the Sunday paper and a cup of coffee when you decide it's time to sip coffee.

This is where I pictured you coming home to when you had to go away to college. I pictured you coming to this house, walking up the creaky old squares to your bedroom covered in trophies of your favorite sport or show choir or poetry or artwork.

This is where I pictured you growing up because although it's in a much bigger city, it's exactly like where I grew up.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ready for a Miracle?

This is a story that needs told.

At 2 pm on Monday February 10, Shawn and Sarah made the heartbreaking decision to take their 2-month-old off life support. When the doctors removed the oxygen, only God can explain what happened next.

Carson continued breathing on his own.

One day later Shawn and Sarah decided to take him home which brings us to today.
He is still fighting.
He is still breathing.
His breathing is irregular and occasionally he'll stop breathing on his own for multiple seconds before he starts breathing again. And that is why this story about this tiny 2-month-old miracle needs told.

Carson was born on December 11. Just 15 short minutes later, he stopped breathing. It was downhill from there. After a hospital transfer and several tests later, a spinal tap showed Carson was born with a rare condition called Pyridoxamine Phosphate Oxidase Deficiency. It means he can't process the B6 vitamin which impacts his breathing among a lengthy list of other side effects. There are only 50 known cases in the world.

His short two months have been a rocky medical journey, but there is only one word to describe him: resilient. He has been nicknamed "The Little Fighter."

What advice does his equally resilient mother have for anyone in a similar situation? "Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. That way if the worst happens, you'll have gotten yourself ready emotionally, but if the best happens, you'll be much more happy with the outcome."

If you want to do something good today, donate to this cause. Help pay for 2 months worth of medical bills and the continued medical support for The Little Fighter.

Carson has fought harder than most of us have ever fought and he is thriving. He is doing better at home. And on Valentine's Eve, you have to ask...is it love that is keeping him alive?

Click here to help

Follow Carson's Journey Here

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Thoughts for My Son

Your hardest days are simply life lessons in disguise.. When you wake up and reemerge you will be stronger. You will be better. You will appreciate the good days. 

Before you speak harshly to anyone, take a breath and go to the ocean. I mean it...put yourself on a beach. Harsh words that fall out of your mouth will hurt you worse than your receiver. 

Harsh and honest are too different things. Be honest and kind with your delivery.

Life is so short. Don't worry about who you will be in 20 years. Worry about who you are right now. Be present.

Even when you're on top, act like you aren't.  

Life is good. It is. It is really really good.

If your friends don't change you aren't growing. Don't lose those who knew you first. Keep them close.

Have fun.

Spend time in nature.

Breathe deeply.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Picky Toddler

The one department we were not blessed in with our first child: Eating.

I know I'm not alone. I know moms and dads around the globe are staring at vegetable and applesauce covered floors. We can't even count on our dogs to clean it up.

Jack is a very picky eater and by picky I mean I can almost count on one hand the somewhat healthy items he will eat:
  • Chicken Nuggets (At least we buy organic) (most of the time)
  • Fish-you name it he will eat it (as long is it's breaded)
  • Cashews and almonds (choking hazards)
  • Veggie/fruit pouches (when he's in the mood)
  • Greek Yogurt (only if he feeds himself)
  • Peanut butter (straight out of the container)
Today he tried a tiny taste of homemade hummus. Wait for it...vomit. Actual vomit.

Needless to say, I'm on a bit of a quest to retrain this toddler.  

Recently I have been tricking him into drinking this morning smoothie:
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 full orange
  • 1 small handful of kale
  • 5 oz water
We use the NutriBullet which is on sale this week for $65 on walmart.com. Highly recommend this little device. It's quick, gets the pulp out and is easy to clean up. *This is NOT a paid advertisement.

A smoothie-One small victory for picky toddler kind.