Sunday, February 26, 2012

CVS shopping list week of 2.27.12

Several people have asked for my CVS shopping list. Here you go, but keep in mind these deals last one week:

With 4 weeks left until my due date, my back is ready for a break. Thanks, CVS for a free Thermacare back pad. The cost is $3.79 this week and you get $3.79 in EC bucks for using your CVS card. FREE.
Speaking of pregnancy, I have somehow managed to make it 36 weeks without a single stretch mark. I credit this product for my success. I applied every day after my shower and will continue to do so post pregnancy. This week the offer is buy one, get one 50% off and it goes toward the spend $30/get $10 back so I got two bottles for $5. Big win in the pregnancy department:
I have always used cheap razors until I discovered the world of extreme couponing. Several weeks ago I bought Kyle a Schick Hydro razor. I used it in the shower one time and was instantly hooked. This weeks deal: $9.99-$4 EC Bucks-$4 P&G savings bucks=$1.99. I got the refills and the gel for $2.49 after the coupons. 

Don't miss out on the Physicians Formula deal. Spend $10 and get $7 back. My favorite product was in stock today. This is the eyebrightener normally $10.49, but today I got it for $3.49. It really opens up the eye:
You can also snag a nice Colgate toothbrush for 25 cents. Original price for this sensitive pro relief brush was $4.99 and you get $4 EC bucks back and can pair it with the 75 cents off P&G coupon. 
And don't forget the toilet paper deal. 18 rolls for $7.49 and credit toward the spend $30/get $10 back purchase. 
All in all I got all of this for $20.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Postpartum came early-the Super Bowl is over

     Indianapolis knows sports. Indianapolis know hospitality. Indianapolis knows how to combine sports with hospitality. We all knew the Super Bowl was going to be big, but I don't think we could have predicted how big it would be. From Fallon's late night performances to the free concerts in the Super Bowl village to the one-of-a-kind zip line, Indianapolis did it right. And to properly thank the Super Bowl committee for their hard work and attention to detail, we just happened to be blessed with 50+ degree weather. Good work, Indianapolis.
    Our first taste of the Super Bowl Village came Monday night. We were attempting to avoid large crowds. We thought we'd check it out and then retreat to the burbs for the rest of the week as chaos ensued. Turns out after a little taste, we were hooked.
We started on the circle:
The energy was electric even on a Monday night. It was clear this was a different city.
 The zip line was out of this world. Unfortunately at 7.5 months pregnant, the doctor advised against it. We left the village Monday night like two little kids on Christmas. Without a doubt, we would be back.
On Wednesday a co-worker stopped at my desk and told me a client couldn't use his Jimmy Fallon tickets. Trying to control my inner child, I cooly told her, I was free that night if she couldn't get rid of them. This was the one thing on my Super Bowl bucket list. I eagerly listened as she called her list of clients offering up the tickets. After a few voicemails and a few nos, time was running out. The tickets were ours. I told my husband to be downtown by 2:30. We were going to Jimmy Fallon. 
     The show was incredible. He interviewed Tebow, Tracy Morgan and the All American Rejects. It helped we were on a VIP list and didn't have to stand in line for four hours. The Roots were by far my favorite part of the show. They teamed up with the symphony creating the coolest musical combination. I was in music heaven and so was the baby who seemed to kick to the beat a few times. After the show we had tickets to the Columbia Club warming station. We bumped into Lynn Swann (Steelers Super Bowl hero). I didn't recognize him, but my parents sure knew who he was.
     Thursday was our Fallon work luncheon at the Columbia Club. The luncheon was incredible. Jimmy popped by to tell us how much he loved Indianapolis. He was gracious, kind and complimentary of our city. We also got to see Tony Dungy, Jim Irsay, the GM and the new coach of the Colts speak. After the luncheon, I gave my clients a tour of the Super Bowl Village. 

    After a great day and 4+ miles of walking, I was beat. But not too beat to return on Friday for the Flash Mob. And then again on Sunday for the game. Clearly, Indianapolis will be high on the consideration list for a Super Bowl in the future. Sure you don't have the biggest skyline, but you get an A in my book, Indianapolis.