Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One of Those Night

We had a night...

A long stroll navigating through too cool for July summer air where we met five baby ducks and a Great Blue Herron who seemed to be our guide.

A redbox.

A trip to CVS where you attempted to pull almost everything you saw off the shelves.

An early evening spent in the back yard digging and planting and watering our garden as a family. Dinner created from whatever we had in the kitchen. A wonderful bath where we made up songs and talked about our day.

You told me you were put in timeout for hitting Natalie. I praised your honestly and talked about the word "sorry" and forgiveness.

I don't know how half of this stuff comes to me...oh, yes I do. It comes straight from my mother and our daily chats. The important lesson of Time Out is forgiveness from both sides she tells me.

Forgiveness. Isn't that a lesson we are all still learning?

One of those nights I'll hold close and attempt to repeat knowing it may never be quite as good as this night.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Eve of the 4th

Holidays. That's when it hits me the hardest.

Holidays as I watch you sprint in the backyard. The same backyard that used to swallow your tiny body. You now own that backyard. That backyard belongs to your 32 pound rock solid still somewhat tiny body.

Holidays. That's when I know another year has passed. I can picture your tiny one-year-old self barely walking, not yet talking. And here you are two...TWO. Here you are chasing Johnny and actually catching him. Here you are still pointing at planes, but now telling me their color. Here you are reaching up for me occasionally saying "I hold you, mommy. I hold you." Here you are...pushing trucks, catching bugs, digging in dirt and looking at me and offering an unsolicited: "I love you."

Holidays. That's when I know another year has passed. That's when I know time is as precious as I always believed it to be, but this time...this time with you is that kind of precious multiplied.

Happy 4th of July, my sweet curious, inquisitive, loving tiny little two-year-old. May we celebrate many many many more to come.