Sunday, April 27, 2014

Red Buds in Bloom-Hello 32

The air is warm eerily warm for a late April evening especially after a Winter who overstayed his welcome. We are driving to dinner. Your Grandma points out the red buds.

"They were in bloom the day you were born," she says.

This is a detail that never crossed my mind: red buds in bloom the day I came home. We have a red bud in bloom in the backyard.

Later at dinner she leans in...

"You were two when I turned 32," she says looking at Jack and I with a gleam in her eye.

And that night she hands me a journal of exchanges between her and I. For a few years we wrote to each other...a safe dialogue and place to store honest thoughts. She is always one upping the birthday before with these gestures, but this year feels different perhaps it's because the distance between us now is greater and these interactions are more sacred. She also gives me the most comfortable pair of shoes reenforcing her thoughtfulness. A mom never thinks to splurge on comfortable shoes.

As we sat on the front porch watching Jack race around on his tiny new motorcycle, I couldn't help but be taken by pure joy sitting alongside the two people who gave me everything, the one person who gives me everything daily, and the little boy who looks at me like I am the most beautiful creation in the universe.

I want to be just like them. All of them.    

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My right knee is throbbing. My left hip is popping. I have a headache and my sports bra is cutting into my neck. I want to look at my watch, but I know what that means. I'll be disappointed with how much time is left on the clock. I am tired. It's only Tuesday. There are a thousand things I'd rather be doing and my goal today is 6 miles. 

I make my usual left to cross the bridge. I pass several shirtless runners who are very clearly on an endorphin high with perfect strides. My legs feel like a ton of bricks pounding on pavement. 

Today is not my day.

I reach the point I usually turn around. It's painful to pass it especially today. Suddenly I'm on uncharted territory, a place I've never been before. The river flows quietly. There are beautiful bridges connecting me back to the city streets. It's so quiet I can almost hear the thoughts dashing through my brain. 

There are now rivers on both sides of me. It feels like I'm running on the water. And then it happens. Runner's high. I am flying. My right knee still throbs, my left hip pops, but the headache is gone. I am floating down a river. It is absolutely beautiful. 

Today is my day. 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Garden 5775

I bought a table today. It's for the backyard. One day that table will become a symbol of something great, something I'm calling Garden 5775.

Step one: create a garden.
Step two: grow garden.
Step three: invite people over to gather around table and eat a meal from the garden.
Step four: reach out to local non-profits and feed those people.
Step five: reach out to local heros (the people running non-profits) FEED THOSE PEOPLE.
Step six: Repeat.

This garden won't grow overnight. This process will take time, it will take effort and hard work and commitment, but maybe one day many months form now as we're gathered around the table to eat a simple meal grown in a simple yard from a simple idea, one person may become inspired.