Wednesday, September 2, 2015

To the Mother of Three

To the Mother and Father of Three,

I'm sure it isn't always easy to be constantly have one tugging at your pants while the other lifts your shirt while the third cries somewhere about feeling "left out." I'm sure it isn't always easy to load three kids into one bright red grocery cart while anxiously deciding which one will lose it the quickest and what will cause that melt down.

And dinner do you do it? Prepare a hot meal while three little minds take over every corner of the house with primary colored crayons and white walls? How do you work 9 hours and still manage to do it all? The piles of laundry, the dog hair from the dog you got (against your better judgement) because all your 7-year-old dreamed of was a dog for her birthday? I'm sure you ended up with the dud of the litter too, huh? The one who barks all night long and can't be trained.

How do you do it? The math homework that challenges every brain cell, the english papers and science projects? How do you pack all the lunches and write tiny notes every day on yellow post-its and keep the cabinets fully stocked? How do you make sure each kid feels equally loved and equally cared for and equally special? How do you educate and build up and keep in line all at the same time?

How do you get them all to bed without falling asleep yourself in some twin bed or beside some toddler bed?

How did you do it mom and dad?