Monday, April 15, 2013


12.14.12. That's the last time we had a talk like this. It was the day a young man walked into an elementary and shot 26 children and 6 adults. It was a day people across the country congregated in break rooms, lobbies and living rooms to watch the story unfold. It haunted me for months...the coverage. The faces of the children plastered all over the news. The face of the shooter, ghost-like and so inhumane. I just didn't understand it.

But not this time. It's not going to go like that this time.

This time I walked into daycare and I scooped you from your play corner and I pulled you tight into my chest. As we walked to the car I told you this:

"There are very bad people in this world. We have to pray for the bad people. Pray they won't hurt anymore people, but we can't give them our attention because it makes them stronger.  We can pray for them, but we can't devote our energy to them."

So tonight as you quickly fall asleep I'll say a prayer that the bad people will stay far away from our family. God forbid something one day happens, we will be among the good, we will reach our hand to the hurting and we will help.

Love to Boston. I'm so sorry for your loss of security. Of trust. Of loved ones, but the real story is about the runners who crossed the finish line and kept on running to the hospital to give blood. That's the story I'll share with my son one day.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Blog Pause Fast Forward

I've taken a little BP (Blog Pause). We have some catching up to do.

I believe in motherhood and interval training. In that order. Interval training does not interfere with motherhood because it welcomes encourages them. My workouts go a little something like this:

Turn on music
Encourage baby to dance
47 jumping jacks
Smell poopy diaper
Change poopy diaper
49 fast air punches
Baby reaches up to be held
Hold baby
Lift baby to sky 10 times
Baby laughs
50 front jacks
Baby attempts to crawl between legs
Pause to allow baby to crawl between legs
25 push ups (who am I kidding...I barely make it to 15)
25 leg lifts
Baby craws over side
50 sit ups
Baby crawls over stomach


*this asterisk was placed here because what baby actually does can vary from workout to workout. Sometimes baby plays quietly in the corner with a piece of construction paper. Or perhaps baby empties an entire box of kleenex. Speaking of the baby...

Isn't he amazing? I can barely contain myself when I'm around him. He's. Just. So. Cute.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Simpler Toddler Life-10 things we couldn't live without

Jack is one-year-old. We have evolved from baby to toddler. I have evolved from new inexperienced mom to older slightly more experienced mom. Yesterday I set off for a belated Easter celebration near Muncie. I walked out of the house with Jack and this tiny backpack.

I've come a long way from the trunk full of baby "necessity" days. As I was glancing at his closet today it occurred to me how little he needs to be happy these days. Here is the short list of things we could not live without:

1. Take & Toss tupperware. They make bowls, sippy cups and silverware. It's so cheap I don't feel guilty if we lose it or leave it behind. We use these all the time.

2. Diapers (one for changing and one for him to play with while changing). After trying almost every brand, we've settled on Luvs. They are made by Pampers but $6-$10 cheaper and smell good.

3.  Baby wipes. (they also work as face wipes if you get the scent free kind).

4. Shoes. These can get a little pricey. Hand me downs and Once Upon a Child has been great here.

5. Legos. They don't get old. I keep them packed up until Jack gets cranky...then out come the legos. All it takes is the sound of the legos falling out of the case and he's entertained again.

6. The emergency pacifier. This allows me to buy 15-20 minutes before the meltdown/mandatory nap time occurs. It's crucial for us.

7. Baby food pouches. I was at an antique festival last weekend and this pouch saved us. They are $1 a piece, but you can buy empty pouches from Target and make your own. Bananas are also great, but pretty messy. When you're in a real pinch, these pouches are great for adults too.

8. Sound machine. Still rocking the sound machine at night.

9. Carseat. We have the Britax marathon. It's great, but still unsure if it's worthy of the price tag.

10. Stroller. Once again went with Britax B Agile. Its one hand collapse is awesome, but I'm not loving the way it handles bumps and the child proof seat belt is ridiculous. We have a Graco Trekko 3 Wheel Classic Connect Stroller down in Florida. Despite that ridiculous long name, I loved this stroller.

I Still Believe

I grew up in church
I respect religion
But that doesn’t make my God any better than your God
I believe in people
Making decisions for themselves
Unless that involves picking up a handgun
And killing people
With that gun
I don’t believe in people who kill people
With guns
I believe in faith
Of human race
Until you hurt my family
I believe in hope
For my one-year-old
Who knows only
What we tell him
Who believes only what he sees
Who says hi to strangers on the street
Because he has placed every breathing human
As equal
I believe in learning from our children
As much as we teach them
I believe in freedom
To be equal but different 
In love, work, race, religion, class and health
I still believe
The world can be cruel
If you choose to take that view
Or the world can be kind
If you choose to make it that way
I still believe
After 30 years
In the goodness of people
Even after they disappoint me
I still believe.