Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Just An Average Tuesday Night

It's Tuesday evening.

Parents are sitting with their back against the wall half smiling and occasionally giving a thumbs up. They are still tired from the Monday hangover or 9+ hours at the office, but they are here at Ninjanastics trying to be good parents. A mom chases her toddler off the mat and out the door while the big brother stares in disbelief.

She's ruining his limelight AGAIN. A tired dad claps enthusiastically.

"You got it buddy, keep going."

Unlike soccer or basketball or baseball, Ninjanastics is for boys only which gives me a bit of a sucker punch to my gut. Why is anything still for boys only? I think of all the little girls Jack's age who would love this opportunity to climb an obstacle course, punch the air and stand on HER hands. I'm also secretly afraid Jack will break his arm and this $110 investment will multiple. 

There are all kinds of parents in this room:

The Disengaged-hard to classify because they are clearly committed to showing up to Ninjanastics on a Tuesday, but they have a mobile device glued and glance up a few times.

The Scatterbrained-aren't we all at this point in our lives?

The Overengaged- every move, every jump, every landing, the cheerleading squad awaits.

The Sensitive-Teachers should watch their step because this parent is ready to pounce.

The Perfect Child Parent-No description needed.

The Cool Parent-Trendy clothing, hipster glasses and a little too cool to have kids or be at Ninjanastics.

The Can't Relax Parent-Too much to do, never enough time.

And Me-Not sure where I fall on this random Tuesday. Probably half between Overengaged and scatterbrained.

"Final run," the teacher shouts. An extra burst of all boy energy shoots through the room.

THE FINAL RUN. The boys sweetly run to the teacher to slap a sticker on their hands. Jack runs over to us beaming and again I'm reminded the hustle home from work, the snacks shoved in his mouth, the frantic maybe dirty tshirt tossed on, it's all worth it to see his pure joy beaming from his pure face.

Another Ninjanastics in the books.

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