Monday, June 26, 2017

5 Things I Can't Live Without This Summer

1. 5 Ingredient "Ice Cream"-If I could I'd eat ice cream every day of the summer I would, but this recipe keeps me fitting in my pants.
  • Half a banana
  • Small handful of frozen organic strawberries
  • Small handful of frozen organic mangos
  • Honey
  • Liquid-a small splash of milk, orange juice or water. Don't overdue it here or you'll have a smoothie.
Blend until creamy. SO GOOD.

2. Books- hold em, hug em, snuggle outside watch the fireflies and love em books.

Currently reading: Eleanor & Park. Can't. Put. It Down. It's a book about two misfits falling in love on the school bus.

Close summer second: What Alice Forgot. Painful story about a woman with Alzheimer's.

Also, When Breath Becomes Air  (a quick read about a doctor with cancer), The Secret Life of Henrietta Lacks (Another fascinating cancer read. More technical) and The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto (Same guy who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie. Enough said).

3. Yoga Mat-Sanity.

4. Burley Bee Bike Trailer- Our favorite Saturdays start at the Farmers Market and then a 7 mile ride to the coolest lazy river water park ever. Earning relaxation feels more relaxing. This trailer is $299, but I had 2 45 pound kids in it yesterday and it handled like a champ.

5. Paddle Board- I've had a lot of kayak versus board debates lately and I'm always pro board mainly because it's easy to strap it to the top of a car with two ratchet straps and I like having all options: stand, sit, lay, meditate, exercise, float, yogi. Plus, after college I dreamed of living on the ocean and surfing and then I became afraid of I suppose I'm living the dream without the sharks and waves.    

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