Saturday, November 12, 2016


You are 4.

You still have that tiny gap in your front teeth. I hope you never fix it. It was passed down by your Grandpa. He’s a wonderful man. You will feel his legacy in your steps into adulthood.

Your hair is still long with perfect curls. The naysayers tell me to cut it and give you a proper little boy look. I refuse. I like it sweeping it out of your eyes each morning. I like that connected moment with you.

 You haven’t stopped moving since the day your started walking except at bedtime and that is TORTURE for you. Even little boys need their sleep, sweetheart. But on those nights you cannot sleep, I hope I am your first call. I will wake up for you always.

You’re FINALLY exploring new foods. I spent hours worrying about this, but you grew out of your pickiness. Every green bean and orange slice you eat brings me complete joy. I will always worry about you.

You’re funny. It’s a sweet funny. A random, “how does he come up with this?” kinda funny. It’s delivered by the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard. That voice is music to my ears.

You love music. My favorite moments are when I spontaneously catch you dancing in the back seat. It’s especially perfect when you close your eyes. You feel music different from some. I hope it’s something you seek and enjoy always.

You are pure love. To everyone you meet, to those you see daily. You are pure, 100% innocent all encompassing love. Your heart is so kind, it makes me cry to write this. Please, please, please, don’t let this world crush that heart. Let it stay pure.

You are 4. And 4 years moves fast. 

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