Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sometimes It Goes Slow

They will tell you it goes fast.

And it does.

But not all moments go fast. Some move very very slowly...

Like when you're laying half bodied in a twin bed that's been peed in 2, 3 or 25 times and you feel you will never get your child to sleep again. You're reviewing the to do list and the minutes available and the minutes needed aren't adding up.

Or when your kid goes limp and flat in the middle of the busiest farmers market in town. You brought your child here to learn about fresh food and the passionate farmers who provide it. You thought you were doing a good thing, but that lack of sleep has caught up to both of you and you just don't know the best way to scoop your kid up and exit. So you spill your local cup of coffee, lose your blackberries, drop your locally grown zucchini and toss your screaming toddler over your shoulder to make a nice "quiet" exit. Oh, by the way, you biked here so good luck with that.

Or when the lamp comes crashing to the floor because a ball comes flying thru the house and you take the ball and pop it even though you know there is a better calmer way to "handle it."

Or when you lose your temper and become a version of yourself you didn't know existed. It's ok.

Or you forget the snack at basketball and you swear all moms are staring when you walk in 20 minutes later hair a mess, sweating holding organic allergy free options for 15 kids when there are 20 on the team.

Or when you have to explain why the dog that has greeted your child daily for HIS ENTIRE life is no longer greeting him anymore. That moment moves slow.

Or when you're trying to decide between one kid or two, two kids or three, three kids or four OR you're trying to have just one kid. That moves very very slow.

There are moments that move slower...The times you're late or have to cancel play dates or the moments you feel like you're failing at EVERYTHING. Those moments move very very slowly and those moments matter. They're just as important as the good ones. They may even matter more because when we forgive ourselves for being human and accept our shortcomings, we become an even better human.

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  1. You're one of the best humans I know honey. I love you.